RHAPSODY XYZ (working title) 


Rhapsody xyz (working title)

featuring: Christiana Axelsen

direction, choreography & camera: Courtney Krantz 

created in dialogue with: Christiana Axelsen

costume: Courtney Krantz


How can alternate forms of documenting dance and performance-based works offer an expanded view of  the work?  How can compositional decisions be maintained and an intimate view of the work be experienced – akin to being in the live-audience? What is live-audience anyway anymore in the age of 24 hour mediation, replay and global interconnectivity?   It goes without saying that (live) performance continues to exist and circulate through the artifacts of its documentation (whether through the still or moving image). This inquiry seeks to add to the conversation around the quandary of representation and documentation of dance and performance-based works.  

Over the last few years she has been considering the ways in which a 2-channel document offers some solutions by providing both an intimate and an expanded view of a choreographic work.  Essential to this current inquiry is the self-imposed restriction of adjacent long-take documents. There are no cuts and no alternate views (such as a standardized 3-camera set-up) to edit in post-production.  This is an intact document that lives alongside the existing durational time and nature of the performance.  (Just to note, for the time being, this project is frontally oriented in order to assist in exploring variations of a standardized performance document, but this inquiry is not specifically limited to this scenario).  

Videoed at 28 Liberty, 19th Floor, NY, NY

This project was developed as part of Lower Manhattan Council's Workspace Program (2015-2016). LMCC.net